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Static Site Wizard - Proprietary technology to generate ranking boosting landing pages by maximizing the search engines formulas on each page of a web site.

Mobile Site Builder - Mobile Site Builder is a static publishing system. XHTML pages are pre-generated by the Static Site Wizard publishing software and stored as XML files on the web server, ready to be served.

Printer Friendly Builder - Generate printable web pages on your server and generates relevant content, so the search engines can index it easily.

Landing Pages Builder - Generate ranking boosting landing pages.

Hire a search engines expert - Acroterion search engineers know precisely how Google, Yahoo & MSN systems work, and can tune them to your favorable results.

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Out of the box Site Search - Let visitors find the products and content they're looking for. Introducing Out of the Box Search Engine (OBS) best-in-class site search solution to convert searchers to buyers.


I would like to thank Search3w, especially Mr. Rotstain, for providing a solution in our search-engine positioning needs. Your efforts have assisted ICE.COM achieving top-ten positioning within 3 pace months, even with Google! We contacted several companies and spent money for nothing. Those "optimization" or "submission" services did not diagnose search problems and therefore they failed. Definitely Mr. Rotstain is "the search-engines master", I guarantee that any company working with Search3w will not be disappointed. -- Sam Gniwisch, CEO, Jewelry

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